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  • Don’t worry. This Electric Massage Comb can help you to gorwth your hair.

    New Model Electric Hair Regrowth Brush Laser Hair Growth Comb HR202

    This Electric comb has two color light.The Red Light Care Hair” wavelength is  655nm.It is the Best wavelength for hair regrowth.The another light is Blue Light that wavelength is 453 nm.Prolong anagen phase in hairfollicles ex vivo.The 453nm blue light via interaction withOPN3,promote hair growth.

    1.3 modes:Vibration massage mode, vibration + red light mode, vibration + blue light mode for different needs. Massage the scalp and head, grow hair, improve blood circulation, and relieve stress with this hair brush.
    2.User-friendly design:One button operation for convenient use, hand shank for comfortable holding, 28 soft massage comb teeth for durable use, massaging hair for better blood circulation.
    3.Strong function:Long-term usage reduces hair loss and relieves symptoms of headache and dizziness.


    Post time: Apr-29-2021