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  • What different between of ipl with 808nm diode laser hair removal technique?

      OPT IPL Laser Hair Removal  VS  808NM Diode laser hair removal

    Light Source: IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Light Source :808nm diode laser hair removal
    Spectral Range: Width Spectral (640-1200nm)& DPL Narrow Spectral (610-950nm)Feature : Spectral diffuse emission treatment on hair removal with a larger visible spot area Single Wave Band:808nmMixed Wave Band:808nm+755nm+1064nmFeature: The laser beam illuminates the hair intensively, and the area of the light group is small
    Function1: Hari RemovalFunction2: Hair Removal+ Skin Rejuvenation+ Freckle RemovalSR Wavelength Choice: 430nm/480nm/510mnm/530nm/560nm/590nmHR Wavelength Choice: 610nm/640nm/690nm/750nm Function1: Hair RemovalFunction2: Hair Remvoal+ Skin RejuvenationPS: Skin rejuvenation only refers to the smooth and delicate skin after depilation. Not recommended for skin rejuvenation and whitening alone
    Spot Size: 10*50MM/15*35MM/8*40MM/10*40MM Spot size:10*20MM/12*12MM/11*11mm/11*17mm/ 12*40MM/15*25MM
    Hair Removal effect: 2-5 times average, 6-9 times reach medical standardsThe hair is soft and light in color and needs to be repeated many times Hair removal effect: 1-3 times average, 3-5 times reach medical standardsIt also has a good therapeutic effect for people with soft hair and light color.
    Refrigeration level: the cooling fins on both sides of the crystal cool, the crystal surface cools and heats up faster during operation Refrigeration: the refrigeration effect is better. The micro-channel waterway refrigeration works continuously, and the real freezing point hair removal
    Comfort: Average Comfort: Better
    Handle life: the xenon lamp needs to be replaced after 30,000-100,000 shots, and the energy is attenuated Handle life: The laser bar or laser has a long service life, more than 10minilion shots
    Summarize:1. IPL (OPT)/DPL belongs” Intense pulsed light technology” with mature technology. It has a wide range of applications. Except hair removal function, it can do skin rejuvenation, freckle removal and Skin whitening ..which can be achieved by changing different wave bands.2.808nm hair removal is advanced technology with laser hair removal gold Standard on medical beauty area.., It faster on hair removal effect and feeling comfortable on treatment.. It is advise to used for the purpose of hair removal only. 

    3.IPL was popularized earlier in the market, and 808 advanced technology is more professional and precise hair removal.

    Post time: Sep-11-2021